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B/CS Library Committee
Bicycle, Pedestrian, & Greenways Advisory Board
Cemetery Committee
Charter Review Advisory Committee
City Council
COB & COS Joint Meeting
Construction Board Of Adjustments & Appeals
CS Business Counsel
CS Youth Advisory Council
Design Review Board
Green CS Advisory Committee
Historic Preservation Committee
Intergovernmental Comittee
Joint Relief Funding Review Committee
Landmark Commission
Lick Creek Park Nature Center Advisory Committee
Medical Corridor Advisory Committee
Parks & Recreation Board
Planning & Zoning Commision
Senior Advisory Committee
Sunset Advisory Committee
Zoning Board Of Adjustments
  Historic Preservation Committee

Agenda TitleMeeting Date
Regular Meeting 7/1/2019
Regular Agenda6/3/2019
Regular Meeting5/6/2019
Regular Meeting4/1/2019
Regular Meeting3/4/2019
Regular Meeting2/4/2019
Regular Meeting1/7/2019
Regular Meeting12/3/2018
Regular Meeting12/3/2018
Regular Meeting 11/5/2018
Regular Meeting10/1/2018
Regular Meeting9/10/2018
Regular Meeting8/6/2018
Regular Meeting7/2/2018
Regular Meeting6/4/2018
Regular Meeting5/7/2018
Regular Agenda4/2/2018
Regular Agenda3/5/2018
Regular Meeting2/5/2018
Regular Meeting1/8/2018
Regular Meeting12/4/2017
Regular Meeting11/6/2017
Regular Meeting10/2/2017
Regular Meeting9/11/2017
Regular Meeting8/7/2017
Regular Meeting7/10/2017
Regular Meeting6/5/2017
Regular Meeting5/1/2017
Regular Meeting4/3/2017
Regular Meeting3/6/2017
Regular Meeting2/6/2017
Regular Meeting12/5/2016
Regular Meeting11/7/2016
Regular Meeting10/3/2016
Regular Meeting9/12/2016
Regular Meeting8/1/2016
Regular Meeting7/11/2016
Regular Meeting6/6/2016
Regular Meeting5/2/2016
Regular Meeting4/4/2016
Regular Meeting3/7/2016
Regular Meeting2/1/2016
Regular Meeting1/4/2016
Regular Meeting12/7/2015
Regular Meeting11/2/2015
Regular Meeting10/5/2015
Regular Meeting9/14/2015
Canceled Regular Meeting8/3/2015
Regular Meeting7/9/2015
Regular Meeting6/1/2015
Regular Meeting5/4/2015
Regular Meeting4/6/2015
Regular Meeting3/2/2015
Regular Meeting2/2/2015
Regular Meeting1/5/2015
Regular Meeting12/1/2014
Regular Meeting11/3/2014
Regular Meeting10/6/2014
Regular Meeting9/8/2014
Regular Meeting8/4/2014
Regular Meeting7/7/2014
Regular Meeting6/2/2014
Regular Meeting5/5/2014
Regular Meeting4/7/2014
Regular Meeting2/27/2014
Regular Meeting2/3/2014
Regular Meeting1/6/2014
Regular Meeting11/4/2013
Regular Meeting10/7/2013
Regular Meeting9/9/2013
Regular Meeting7/1/2013
Regular Meeting6/3/2013
Regular Meeting5/6/2013
Regular Meeting4/1/2013
Regular Meeting3/4/2013
Regular Meeting2/4/2013
Regular Meeting1/7/2013
Regular Meeting12/3/2012
Regular Meeting11/5/2012
Regular Meeting10/1/2012
Regular Meeting9/17/2012
Regular Meeting6/4/2012
Regular Meeting5/7/2012
Regular Meeting4/2/2012
Regular Meeting3/5/2012
Regular Meeting2/6/2012
Regular Meeting1/9/2012
Regular Meeting11/7/2011
Plannig Committee 75th Anniversary10/5/2011
Regular Meeting10/3/2011
Regular Meeting9/12/2011
Regular Meeting7/11/2011
Regular Meeting6/6/2011
Regular Meeting5/2/2011
Regular Meeting4/4/2011
Regular Meeting3/7/2011
Regular Meeting2/7/2011
Regular Meeting1/10/2011
Regular Meeting11/1/2010
Regular Meeting10/4/2010
Regular Meeting7/12/2010
Regular Meeting6/7/2010
Regular Meeting5/3/2010
Regular Meeting4/5/2010
Public Notice3/5/2010
Regular Meeting3/1/2010
Regular Meeting2/1/2010
Regular Meeting1/11/2010
Regular Meeting12/7/2009
Regular Meeting11/2/2009
Public Notice10/7/2009
Regular Meeting10/5/2009
Public Notice9/30/2009
Regular Meeting9/14/2009
Public Notice9/4/2009
Public Notice8/27/2009
Public Notice8/19/2009
Regular Meeting8/3/2009
Regular Meeting7/13/2009
Public Notice7/9/2009
Regular Meeting6/1/2009
Public Notice5/18/2009
Regular Meeting5/4/2009
Regular Meeting4/6/2009
Regular Meeting3/2/2009
Regular Meeting2/2/2009
Public Notice1/13/2009
Special Meeting12/15/2008
Committee Retreat12/5/2008
Regular Meeting11/10/2008
Regular Meeting9/15/2008
Public Notice9/11/2008
Regular Meeting8/25/2008
Regular Meeting6/10/2008
Regular Meeting6/2/2008
Regular Meeting5/5/2008
Regular Meeting4/7/2008
Public Notice3/27/2008
Regular Meeting3/3/2008
Regular Meeting1/7/2008
Presentation to City Council12/13/2007
Regular Meeting12/3/2007
Regular Meeting12/3/2007
Committee Retreat10/1/2007
Neighborhood Meetings for Single Family Overlay Districts9/18/2007
Regular Meeting9/10/2007
125th Anniversary Celebration Roan's Chapel Baptist Church9/9/2007
Special Meeting8/31/2007
Regular Meeting8/6/2007
Regular Meeting7/2/2007
Regular Meeting6/4/2007
Council Meeting5/24/2007
Regular Meeting5/7/2007
Regular Meeting4/2/2007
Regular Meeting3/5/2007
HPC Meeting2/5/2007
Regular Meeting1/8/2007
Regular Meeting1/8/2007
Regular Meeting12/11/2006
Comprehensive Plan Citizen Congress12/4/2006
Keep Brazos Beautiful Banquet12/4/2006
Special Meeting11/28/2006
Special Meeting11/27/2006
City Council Workshop11/20/2006
Exploring History Lunch Lecture11/15/2006
Regular Meeting11/6/2006
Exploring History Lunch Lecture10/18/2006
Regular Meeting10/3/2006
Sub-Committee Meeting9/12/2006
Regular Meeting9/12/2006
Special Meeting8/24/2006
Exploring History Lunch Lecture8/16/2006
Regular Meeting8/7/2006
Special meeting7/25/2006
Exploring History Lunch Lecture7/19/2006
Regular Meeting7/10/2006
City Council Workshop6/22/2006
Exploring History Lunch Lecture6/21/2006
Regular Meeting6/5/2006
Lunch Lecture5/17/2006
Training Session4/7/2006
Open Meetings Training4/7/2006
Amended Agenda4/3/2006
Lecture at Rudder Auditorium4/3/2006
American Mile Research Trip3/24/2006
Lunch Lecture3/15/2006
Regular Meeting3/6/2006
Amended Agenda3/6/2006
Lunch Lecture2/15/2006
Regular Meeting2/6/2006
Neighborhood Education Meeting1/17/2006
Regular Meeting1/17/2006