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CS Youth Advisory Council
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Green CS Advisory Committee
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Zoning Board Of Adjustments
  City Council

Agenda TitleMeeting Date
Public Notice7/17/2019
Regular Meeting7/11/2019
Workshop Amended7/11/2019
Council Budget & Finance Committee Meeting7/10/2019
Public Notice7/8/2019
Workshop Agenda6/27/2019
Regular Agenda6/27/2019
Workshop Agenda Amended6/27/2019
Public Notice6/25/2019
Public Notice6/18/2019
Regular Meeting6/13/2019
Workshop Meeting6/13/2019
Workshop Meeting - Amended6/13/2019
Public Notice6/11/2019
Public Notice6/9/2019
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting6/7/2019
Architectural Advisory Committee6/6/2019
Public Notice6/5/2019
Audit Committe Meeting6/4/2019
Public Notice5/29/2019
Public Notice5/25/2019
Workshop Meeting5/23/2019
Regular Meeting5/23/2019
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting5/21/2019
Public Notice5/20/2019
Public Notice5/14/2019
Regular Meeting5/13/2019
Workshop Meeting5/13/2019
Public Notice5/7/2019
Economic Development Committee Meeting5/2/2019
Public Notice4/30/2019
Workshop Meeting4/25/2019
Regular Meeting4/25/2019
Public Notice4/22/2019
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting4/22/2019
Public Notice4/16/2019
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting4/16/2019
Public Notice4/13/2019
Regular Meeting4/11/2019
Workshop Meeting4/11/2019
Public Notice4/2/2019
Public Notice4/1/2019
Regular Meeting3/28/2019
Workshop Meeting3/28/2019
Public NOtice3/28/2019
Public Notice3/26/2019
Public Notice3/24/2019
Public Notice3/21/2019
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting3/19/2019
Public Notice3/19/2019
Budget and Finance Committee3/18/2019
Public Notice3/15/2019
Workshop Agenda3/14/2019
Regular Agenda3/14/2019
Spring Creek Local Government Corporation3/5/2019
Audit Committee Meeting3/5/2019
Public Notice3/4/2019
Public Notice2/26/2019
Economic Development Committee Meeting2/26/2019
Workshop Meeting2/25/2019
Regular Meeting - Amended2/25/2019
Design Review Board2/22/2019
Public Notice2/22/2019
Council Compensation & Benfits Committe Meeting2/21/2019
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting2/19/2019
Regular Meeting2/14/2019
Workshop Meeting2/14/2019
Public Notice2/10/2019
Public Notice2/5/2019
Special Meeting - Retreat - CANCELED1/31/2019
Special Meeting - Retreat1/30/2019
Public Notice1/26/2019
Workshop Meeting1/24/2019
Regular Meeting1/24/2019
Public Notice1/23/2019
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting1/22/2019
Public Notice1/21/2019
Public Notice1/15/2019
Public Notice1/12/2019
Workshop Meeting1/10/2019
Regular Meeting1/10/2019
Special Meeting1/8/2019
Special Meeting12/19/2018
Architectural Advisory Committee Meeting12/19/2018
Workshop Meeting12/13/2018
Regular Meeting - Amended12/13/2018
Public Notice12/11/2018
Public Notice12/6/2018
Public Notice12/4/2018
Public Notice12/2/2018
Public Notice11/28/2018
Audit Committee Meeting11/27/2018
Public Notice11/24/2018
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting11/19/2018
Regular Meeting11/19/2018
Workshop Meeting11/19/2018
Public Notice11/18/2018
Public Notice11/17/2018
Public Notice11/15/2018
Public Notice11/12/2018
Public Notice11/11/2018
Workshop Meeting11/8/2018
Regular Meeting11/8/2018
Public Notice11/1/2018
Public Notice10/29/2018
Workshop Agenda10/25/2018
Regular Agenda10/25/2018
Public Notice10/24/2018
Public Notice10/22/2018
Architectural Advisory Committee Meeting10/19/2018
Public Notice10/16/2018
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting10/16/2018
Special Meeting10/16/2018
Public Notice10/15/2018
Public Notices10/9/2018
Architectural Advisory Committee Meeting10/9/2018
Regular Agenda10/8/2018
Workshop Agenda10/8/2018
Public Notice10/6/2018
Public Notices10/2/2018
Public Notice10/1/2018
Regular Meeting9/27/2018
Workshop Meeting9/27/2018
Architectural Advisory Committee Meeting9/26/2018
Audit Committee Meeting9/25/2018
Public Notice9/24/2018
Public Notice9/23/2018
Public Notice9/19/2018
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting9/18/2018
Public Notice9/15/2018
Workshop Agenda9/13/2018
Regular Agenda9/13/2018
Economic Development Committee Meeting9/10/2018
Public Notice9/10/2018
Special Council Meeting9/5/2018
Public Notice9/4/2018
Public Notice8/27/2018
Public Notice8/27/2018
Regular Meeting8/23/2018
Workshop Meeting8/23/2018
Public Notice8/22/2018
Special (Budget) Meeting8/22/2018
Special (Budget) Meeting8/21/2018
Special (Budget) Meeting8/20/2018
Public Notice8/15/2018
Public Notice8/14/2018
Council Compensation & Benefits Committee Meeting8/14/2018
Public Notice8/10/2018
Workshop Meeting8/9/2018
Regular Meeting - Amended8/9/2018
Public Notice8/8/2018
Public Notice8/2/2018
Public Notice7/28/2018
Workshop Meeting7/26/2018
Regular Meeting7/26/2018
Budget & Finance Committee Meeting7/26/2018
Audit Committee Meeting7/23/2018
Public Notice7/22/2018
Public Notice7/15/2018
Workshop Meeting - Amended7/12/2018
Regular Meeting7/12/2018
Public Notice7/8/2018
Public Notice7/2/2018
Workshop Agenda6/28/2018
Regular Agenda6/28/2018
Public Notice6/26/2018
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting6/21/2018
Audit Committee6/18/2018
Public Notice6/17/2018
Regular Meeting6/14/2018
Workshop Meeting6/14/2018
Public Notice6/13/2018
Public Notice6/10/2018
Public Notice6/7/2018
Public Notice5/30/2018
Regular Meeting5/24/2018
Workshop Meeting - Amended5/24/2018
Public Notice5/21/2018
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting5/15/2018
Workshop Meeting5/14/2018
Regular Meeting5/14/2018
Public Notice - Amended5/14/2018
Public Notice5/10/2018
Public Notice5/7/2018
Public Notice5/5/2018
Public Notice5/2/2018
Joint Meeting Economic Development Committee and Spring Creek Local Government Corporation5/1/2018
Public Notice4/30/2018
Public Notice4/30/2018
Workshop Meeting4/26/2018
Regular Meeting4/26/2018
Budget and Finance Meeting4/26/2018
Public Notice4/22/2018
Public Notice4/20/2018
Public Notice4/19/2018
Public Notice4/18/2018
Transportation & Mobility Committee4/17/2018
Public Notice4/15/2018
Public Notice4/14/2018
Regular Meeting4/12/2018
Workshop Meeting4/12/2018
Planning & Zoning Commission Joint Workshop Meeting4/12/2018
Public Notice4/8/2018
Audit Committee Agenda4/4/2018
Public Notice4/3/2018
Special Meeting4/2/2018
Public Notice3/25/2018
Public Notice3/23/2018
Budget & Finance Committee3/22/2018
Regular Meeting3/22/2018
Workshop Meeting3/22/2018
Public Notice3/21/2018
Transportation & Mobility Committee - AMENDED3/20/2018
Public Notice3/20/2018
Special Meeting3/19/2018
Public Notice3/16/2018
Public Notice3/7/2018
Workshop Meeting3/5/2018
Regular Meeting3/5/2018
Public Notice2/26/2018
Audit Committee2/26/2018
Workshop Meeting2/22/2018
Regular Meeting2/22/2018
Public Notice2/20/2018
Amended Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting2/20/2018
Public Notice2/16/2018
Special Meeting - Retreat2/15/2018
Public Notice2/12/2018
Regular Meeting2/8/2018
Workshop Agenda2/8/2018
Transportation & Mobility Committee2/6/2018
Public Notice2/6/2018
Public Notice2/3/2018
Public Notice1/30/2018
Public Notice1/26/2018
Regular Meeting1/25/2018
Workshop Meeting1/25/2018
Public Notice1/21/2018
Public Notice1/16/2018
Transportation and Mobility Committee1/16/2018
Public Notice1/13/2018
Regular Meeting1/11/2018
Workshop Meeting Amended1/11/2018
Public Notice12/21/2017
Workshop Meeting12/14/2017
Regular Meeting12/14/2017
Public Notice12/12/2017
Audit Committee12/7/2017
Public Notice12/3/2017
Public Notice11/30/2017
Public Notice11/28/2017
Special Meeting11/27/2017
Public Notice11/24/2017
Transportation and Mobility Committee11/21/2017
Workshop Meeting11/20/2017
Regular Meeting11/20/2017
Public Notice11/19/2017
Public Notice11/16/2017
Public Notice11/12/2017
Public Notice11/11/2017
Regular Meeting11/9/2017
Workshop Meeting11/9/2017
Public Notice11/9/2017
Public Notice11/6/2017
Public Notice11/3/2017
Public Notice10/28/2017
Public Notice10/28/2017
Regular Agenda10/26/2017
Workshop Agenda10/26/2017
Audit Committee10/23/2017
Public Notice10/23/2017
Public Notice10/22/2017
Public Notice10/19/2017
Transportation and Mobility Committee10/17/2017
Public Notice10/16/2017
Budget and Finance Committee10/12/2017
Workshop Agenda - Amended10/12/2017
Regular Agenda10/12/2017
Public Notice10/10/2017
Public Notice10/7/2017
Public Notice10/5/2017
Special Meeting10/2/2017
Public Notice10/2/2017
Public Notice9/29/2017
Public Notice9/26/2017
Regular Meeting9/25/2017
Workshop Meeting9/25/2017
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting9/19/2017
Public Notice9/18/2017
Public Notice9/16/2017
Public Notice9/15/2017
Regular Meeting9/11/2017
Workshop Meeting9/11/2017
Public Notice9/11/2017
Public Notice9/9/2017
Special Meeting8/31/2017
Public Notice8/30/2017
Public Notice - Stakeholder Meeting8/30/2017
Special Meeting8/30/2017
Workshop Amended8/24/2017
Regular Meeting8/24/2017
Public Notice8/22/2017
Budget Meeting8/16/2017
Public Notices8/15/2017
Budget Meeting8/15/2017
Budget Meeting8/14/2017
Regular Meeting8/10/2017
Workshop Amended8/10/2017
Public Notice8/9/2017
Public Notice8/4/2017
BCS MPO8/2/2017
Public Notice7/28/2017
Budget and Finance Committee7/27/2017
Regular Meeting7/27/2017
Workshop Meeting7/27/2017
Public Notice7/26/2017
Special Meeting7/24/2017
Public Notice7/20/2017
Public Notice7/19/2017
Workshop Meeting7/13/2017
Regular Meeting7/13/2017
Compensation & Benefits Committee Meeting7/11/2017
Budget & Finance Committee Meeting7/10/2017
Public Notice7/9/2017
Public Notice7/7/2017
Public Notice6/29/2017
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting6/28/2017
Public Notices6/21/2017
Canceled Budget & Finance Committee Meeting6/20/2017
Public Notices6/13/2017
Audit Committee Meeting6/12/2017
Public Notice6/11/2017
Economic Development Committee Meeting6/8/2017
Regular Meeting6/8/2017
Workshop Meeting6/8/2017
Public Notices6/5/2017
Amended Workshop Meeting5/25/2017
Amended Regular Meeting5/25/2017
Public Notices5/21/2017
Public Notice5/18/2017
Public Notices5/16/2017
Compensation & Benefits Committee Meeting5/15/2017
Workshop Meeting5/11/2017
Regular Meeting5/11/2017
Public Notice5/10/2017
Public Notices5/1/2017
Workshop Meeting4/27/2017
Regular Meeting4/27/2017
Budget & Finance Meeting4/26/2017
Public Notice4/24/2017
Transportation & Mobility Meeting4/18/2017
Public Notices4/17/2017
Workshop Meeting4/13/2017
Regular Meeting4/13/2017
Public Notices4/9/2017
Public Notices4/3/2017
Public Notice3/31/2017
Budget and Finance Committee3/30/2017
Economic Development Committee3/28/2017
Public Notice3/27/2017
Regular Meeting3/23/2017
Workshop Meeting3/23/2017
Public Notice3/23/2017
Transportation and Mobility Committee3/21/2017
Audit Committee3/21/2017
Public Notice3/17/2017
Public Notice3/10/2017
Regular Meeting3/9/2017
Workshop Meeting3/9/2017
Public Notices3/6/2017
Public Notice3/3/2017
Regular Meeting2/23/2017
Workshop Meeting2/23/2017
Public Notice2/22/2017
Public Notice - Metropolitan Planning Organization2/22/2017
Transportation and Mobility Committee2/21/2017
Public Notice2/17/2017
Public Notice2/14/2017
Special Meeting (Retreat)2/10/2017
Workshop Meeting2/9/2017
Regular Meeting2/9/2017
Public Notices2/6/2017
Public Notice2/3/2017
Audit Committee1/31/2017
Public Notice1/29/2017
Workshop Meeting1/26/2017
Regular Meeting1/26/2017
Public Notices1/24/2017
Economic Development Committee Meeting1/24/2017
Public Notices1/19/2017
Public Notices1/18/2017
Transportation & Mobility Committee1/17/2017
Workshop Meeting1/12/2017
Regular Meeting1/12/2017
Amended Public Notices1/9/2017
Public Notice1/5/2017
Public Notice12/21/2016
Economic Development Committee Meeting12/13/2016
Public Notices12/12/2016
Public Notice12/9/2016
Workshop Meeting12/8/2016
Public Notice12/8/2016
Amended Regular Meeting12/8/2016
Public Notices12/5/2016
Special Meeting (Orientation)12/2/2016
Public Notices11/29/2016
Public Notice11/24/2016
Public Notice11/22/2016
Regular Meeting11/21/2016
Workshop Meeting11/21/2016
Public Notice11/19/2016
Public Notices11/14/2016
Workshop Meeting11/10/2016
Regular Meeting11/10/2016
Public Notices11/10/2016
Public Notice11/4/2016
Economic Development Committee11/2/2016
Audit Committee11/1/2016
Workshop Meeting10/27/2016
Amended Regular Meeting10/27/2016
Public Notices10/24/2016
Transportation and Mobility Committee10/18/2016
Public Notices10/17/2016
Regular Meeting10/13/2016
Workshop Meeting10/13/2016
Public Notice10/11/2016
Public Notice10/8/2016
Public Notice10/7/2016
Public Notices10/3/2016
Economic Development Committee Meeting9/29/2016
Public Notices9/26/2016
Public Notices9/26/2016
Workshop Meeting9/22/2016
Regular Meeting9/22/2016
Public Notices9/20/2016
Transportation and Mobility Meeting9/20/2016
Public Notice9/18/2016
Public Notice9/14/2016
Public Notice9/11/2016
Workshop Meeting9/8/2016
Regular Meeting9/8/2016
Public Notice9/7/2016
Special Meeting8/31/2016
Public Notice8/30/2016
Regular Meeting8/25/2016
Workshop Meeting - Amended8/25/2016
Public Notices8/22/2016
Budget Meeting8/17/2016
Public Notices8/16/2016
Budget Meeting8/16/2016
Budget Meeting8/15/2016
Public Notice8/12/2016
Workshop Meeting8/11/2016
Regular Meeting8/11/2016
Compensation & Benefits Committee Meeting8/9/2016
Public Notices8/9/2016
Public Notice8/3/2016
Public Notice7/31/2016
Public Notice7/29/2016
Budget & Finance Committee Meeting7/28/2016
Regular Meeting Amended7/28/2016
Workshop Meeting Amended7/28/2016
Economic Development Committee Meeting7/26/2016
Public Notices7/26/2016
Public Notice7/19/2016
Council Budget & Finance Committee Meeting7/14/2016
Workshop Meeting7/14/2016
Regular Meeting7/14/2016
Regular Meeting6/23/2016
Workshop Meeting6/23/2016
Public Notice6/21/2016
Budget & Finance Committee Meeting6/16/2016
Public Notices6/14/2016
Economic Development Committee Meeting6/13/2016
Workshop Meeting6/9/2016
Regular Meeting6/9/2016
Public Notices6/6/2016
Canceled - Workshop Meeting5/26/2016
Canceled - Regular Meeting5/26/2016
Public Notices5/23/2016
Public Notice5/19/2016
Public Notice5/18/2016
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting5/17/2016
Workshop Meeting5/16/2016
Regular Meeting5/16/2016
Public Notice5/11/2016
Public Notice5/5/2016
Audit Committee Meeting5/3/2016
Public Notice5/2/2016
Public Notice4/30/2016
Workshop Meeting4/28/2016
Regular Meeting4/28/2016
Economic Development Committee Meeting4/26/2016
Public Notices4/26/2016
Transportation & Mobility Meeting4/19/2016
Public Notices4/18/2016
Workshop Meeting4/14/2016
Regular Meeting4/14/2016
Public Notice4/11/2016
Public Notice4/4/2016
Workshop Meeting3/31/2016
Regular Meeting3/31/2016
Audit Committee Meeting3/29/2016
Public Notices3/29/2016
Public Notice3/24/2016
Public Notice3/23/2016
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting3/22/2016
Public Notice3/18/2016
Workshop Meeting3/10/2016
Regular Meeting3/10/2016
Economic Development Committee Meeting3/8/2016
Public Notice3/8/2016
Regular Meeting2/25/2016
Workshop Meeting2/25/2016
Public Notices2/23/2016
Public Notices2/17/2016
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting2/16/2016
Canceled Retreat Meeting2/16/2016
Retreat Meeting2/15/2016
Workshop Meeting2/11/2016
Regular Meeting2/11/2016
Compensation & Benefits Committee Meeting2/9/2016
Public Notice2/3/2016
Public Notices1/31/2016
Regular Meeting1/28/2016
Workshop Meeting1/28/2016
Economic Development Committee1/26/2016
Public Notice1/25/2016
Audit Committee Meeting1/25/2016
Public Notices1/20/2016
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting1/19/2016
Public Notice1/16/2016
Regular Meeting1/14/2016
Amended Workshop Meeting1/14/2016
Amended Regular Meeting1/14/2016
Public Notice12/22/2015
Public Notices12/16/2015
Public Notices12/12/2015
Regular Meeting12/10/2015
Workshop Meeting12/10/2015
Public Notices12/9/2015
Public Notice12/4/2015
Public Notice12/3/2015
Public Notices12/2/2015
Public Notice11/24/2015
Workshop Meeting11/23/2015
Regular Meeting11/23/2015
Public Notice11/20/2015
Audit Committee Meeting11/19/2015
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting11/17/2015
Public Notices11/16/2015
Economic Development Committee Meeting11/16/2015
Workshop Meeting11/12/2015
Regular Meeting11/12/2015
Audit Committee Meeting11/10/2015
Public Notices11/9/2015
Public Notices10/30/2015
Public Notices10/28/2015
Public Notice - Parkland Dedication10/28/2015
Audit Committee Meeting10/26/2015
Regular Meeting10/22/2015
Workshop Meeting10/22/2015
Public Notices10/21/2015
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting10/20/2015
Public Notice10/17/2015
Public Notices10/13/2015
Workshop Meeting10/8/2015
Regular Meeting10/8/2015
Public Notices10/6/2015
Public Notices10/2/2015
Public Notices9/28/2015
Council Economic Development Committee Meeting9/22/2015
Public Notices9/21/2015
Regular Meeting9/21/2015
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting9/15/2015
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting - Addendum9/15/2015
Public Notices9/15/2015
Joint Annexation Task Force9/11/2015
Regular Meeting9/10/2015
Workshop Meeting9/10/2015
Public Notice9/9/2015
Compensation & Benefits Committee Meeting9/9/2015
Public Notices9/2/2015
Special Meeting9/2/2015
Public Notice8/29/2015
Joint Annexation Task Force8/28/2015
Regular Meeting8/27/2015
Workshop Meeting8/27/2015
Council Economic Development Committee Meeting8/25/2015
Canceled Budget Workshop Meeting (Special)8/20/2015
Budget Workshop Meeting (Special)8/19/2015
Budget Workshop Meeting (Special)8/18/2015
Public Notices8/17/2015
Budget Workshop Meeting (Special) - Amended8/17/2015
Compensation & Benefits Committee Meeting8/14/2015
Joint Annexation Task Force8/14/2015
Regular Meeting8/13/2015
Workshop Meeting8/13/2015
Public Notices8/12/2015
Public Notice8/4/2015
Public Notice7/28/2015
Special Meeting7/28/2015
Audit Committee Meeting (Canceled)7/27/2015
Workshop Meeting7/23/2015
Regular Meeting7/23/2015
Public Notice7/21/2015
Public Notices7/14/2015
Joint Annexation Task Force7/10/2015
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting7/10/2015
Workshop Meeting7/9/2015
Regular Meeting7/9/2015
Public Notice7/9/2015
Public Notice6/30/2015
Regular Meeting6/25/2015
Workshop Meeting6/25/2015
Public Notice6/23/2015
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting6/23/2015
Joint Annexation Task Force6/23/2015
Public Notice6/16/2015
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting6/11/2015
Public Notice6/9/2015
Economic Development Committee Meeting6/8/2015
Public Notice6/4/2015
Workshop Meeting5/28/2015
Regular Meeting5/28/2015
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting5/27/2015
Public Notice5/26/2015
Public Notice5/20/2015
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting5/19/2015
Workshop Meeting5/18/2015
Regular Meeting5/18/2015
Public Notices5/12/2015
Public Notice5/6/2015
Public Notice5/5/2015
Public Notices4/27/2015
Regular Meeting4/23/2015
Workshop Meeting4/23/2015
Economic Development Committee Meeting4/22/2015
Audit Committee Meeting4/22/2015
Canceled Transportation and Mobility Committee Meeting4/21/2015
Public Notices4/20/2015
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting4/16/2015
Canceled Special Meeting4/16/2015
Public Notice4/14/2015
Public Notice4/9/2015
Regular Meeting4/9/2015
Workshop Meeting4/9/2015
Public Notices4/1/2015
Compensation & Benefits Committee Meeting3/31/2015
Regular Meeting3/26/2015
Workshop Meeting3/26/2015
Audit Committee Meeting3/24/2015
Public Notice3/23/2015
Public Notice3/18/2015
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting3/17/2015
Workshop Meeting3/12/2015
Regular Meeting3/12/2015
Public Notice3/11/2015
Special Meeting (Annexation)3/10/2015
Public Notice3/5/2015
Workshop Meeting2/26/2015
Regular Meeting2/26/2015
Public Notices2/25/2015
Joint Meeting with COCS & CSISD2/24/2015
Amended Special Meeting (Retreat)2/20/2015
Special Meeting (Retreat)2/19/2015
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting2/17/2015
Workshop Meeting2/12/2015
Regular Meeting2/12/2015
Economic Development Committee Meeting2/10/2015
Public Notices2/9/2015
Public Notices2/6/2015
Public Notices2/3/2015
Public Notice1/26/2015
Regular Meeting1/22/2015
Workshop Meeting1/22/2015
Public Notice1/21/2015
Economic & Development Committee Meeting1/13/2015
Regular Meeting1/8/2015
Workshop Meeting1/8/2015
Amended Workshop Meeting12/18/2014
Regular Meeting12/18/2014
Public Notices12/11/2014
Public Notice12/8/2014
Council Economic Development Committee Meeting12/5/2014
Public Notices12/1/2014
Audit Committee Meeting12/1/2014
Public Notice11/25/2014
Council Economic Development Committee Meeting11/25/2014
Regular Meeting11/24/2014
Workshop Meeting11/24/2014
Public Notice11/20/2014
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting11/18/2014
Special Meeting11/18/2014
Public Notices11/18/2014
Audit Committee Meeting (Canceled)11/17/2014
Regular Meeting11/13/2014
Workshop Meeting11/13/2014
Public Notice11/11/2014
Public Notice11/5/2014
Public Notice11/3/2014
Public Notice10/27/2014
Economic & Development Committee Meeting10/21/2014
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting10/21/2014
Workshop Meeting10/20/2014
Regular Meeting10/20/2014
Public Notices10/20/2014
Public Notice10/14/2014
Workshop Meeting10/9/2014
Regular Meeting10/9/2014
Council Economic Development Committee Meeting10/8/2014
Public Notices10/7/2014
Public Notices9/29/2014
Regular Meeting9/22/2014
Workshop Meeting9/22/2014
Public Notice9/19/2014
Public Notice9/18/2014
Public Notices9/17/2014
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting9/16/2014
Council Audit Committee9/15/2014
Regular Meeting9/11/2014
Amended Workshop Meeting9/11/2014
Public Notice9/9/2014
Public Notice9/3/2014
Special Meeting9/3/2014
Public Notice8/26/2014
Workshop Meeting8/25/2014
Regular Meeting8/25/2014
Cancelled Budget Workshop Meeting8/21/2014
Budget Workshop Meeting8/20/2014
Public Notice8/20/2014
Budget Workshop Meeting8/19/2014
Budget Workshop Meeting8/18/2014
Regular Meeting8/14/2014
Amended Workshop Meeting8/14/2014
Public Notice8/13/2014
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting8/12/2014
Public Notice7/31/2014
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting7/29/2014
Public Notice7/28/2014
Public Notice7/25/2014
Workshop Meeting7/24/2014
Regular Meeting7/24/2014
Economic Development Committee Meeting7/22/2014
Public Notice7/16/2014
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting7/10/2014
Public Notice7/10/2014
Public Notice6/30/2014
Public Notice6/30/2014
Regular Meeting6/26/2014
Amended Workshop Meeting6/26/2014
Public Notice6/25/2014
Public Notice6/18/2014
Workshop Meeting6/12/2014
Regular Meeting6/12/2014
Public Notice6/9/2014
Public Notice6/4/2014
Public Notice5/28/2014
Public Notice5/28/2014
Regular Meeting5/22/2014
Workshop Meeting (Amended)5/22/2014
Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting5/20/2014
Public Notice5/20/2014
Economic Development Committee Meeting5/14/2014
Public Notice5/13/2014
Workshop Meeting5/12/2014
Regular Meeting5/12/2014
Economic Development Committee Meeting4/29/2014
Public Notice4/28/2014
Regular Meeting4/24/2014
Workshop Meeting4/24/2014
Public Notice4/24/2014
Public Notice4/21/2014
Council Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting4/15/2014
Public Notice4/14/2014
Workshop Meeting4/10/2014
Regular Meeting4/10/2014
Public Notice4/9/2014
Public Notice4/9/2014
Public Notice4/7/2014
Public Notice4/4/2014
Public Notice4/2/2014
Compensation & Benefits Meeting4/2/2014
Public Notice3/27/2014
Regular Meeting3/27/2014
Workshop Meeting3/27/2014
Council Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting3/18/2014
Budget and Finance Committee3/17/2014
Public Notice3/16/2014
Public Notice3/15/2014
Workshop Meeting3/13/2014
Regular Meeting Amended3/13/2014
Public Notice3/6/2014
Workshop Meeting2/27/2014
Regular Meeting2/27/2014
Public Notice2/24/2014
Public Notice2/19/2014
Workshop Meeting2/13/2014
Regular Meeting2/13/2014
Amended Executive Session2/13/2014
Public Notice2/7/2014
Public Notice2/3/2014
Public Notice1/30/2014
Amended 1/27/14 - Special Meeting (Retreat)1/28/2014
Special Meeting (Retreat)1/27/2014
Workshop Meeting1/23/2014
Regular Meeting1/23/2014
Public Notice1/21/2014
Public Notice1/15/2014
Amended Workshop Meeting1/9/2014
Amended Regular Meeting1/9/2014
Public Notice12/21/2013
Regular Meeting12/12/2013
Workshop Meeting12/12/2013
Public Notice12/11/2013
Public Notice12/10/2013
Special Meeting (Orientation)12/9/2013
Public Notice12/3/2013
Audit Committee Meeting12/3/2013
Public Notice11/26/2013
Workshop Meeting11/25/2013
Regular Meeting11/25/2013
Public Notice11/20/2013
Workshop Meeting11/14/2013
Regular Meeting11/14/2013
Public Notice11/11/2013
Public Notice11/4/2013
Special Meeting10/30/2013
Workshop Meeting10/24/2013
Regular Meeting10/24/2013
Public Notice10/23/2013
Audit Committee Meeting10/22/2013
Public Notice10/15/2013
Public Notice10/8/2013
Workshop Meeting10/7/2013
Regular Meeting10/7/2013
Public Notice9/30/2013
Workshop Meeting9/26/2013
Regular Meeting9/26/2013
Special Meeting9/25/2013
Public Notice9/24/2013
Public Notice9/16/2013
Workshop Meeting9/12/2013
Regular Meeting9/12/2013
Public Notice9/11/2013
Council Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting9/10/2013
Workshop Meeting8/22/2013
Regular Meeting8/22/2013
Budget Workshop Meeting8/21/2013
Budget Workshop Meeting8/20/2013
Budget Workshop Meeting8/19/2013
Public Notice8/16/2013
Public Notice8/14/2013
Joint Meeting with COCS & CSISD8/13/2013
Public Notice8/8/2013
Workshop Meeting8/8/2013
Regular Meeting8/8/2013
Public Notice8/5/2013
Transportation & Mobility Meeting7/31/2013
Public Notice7/30/2013
Public Notice7/25/2013
Workshop Meeting7/25/2013
Amended Regular Meeting7/25/2013
Public Notice7/17/2013
Workshop Meeting7/11/2013
Regular Meeting7/11/2013
Special Meeting7/9/2013
Workshop Meeting6/27/2013
Regular Meeting6/27/2013
Transportation & Mobility Meeting6/25/2013
Public Notice6/24/2013
Council Budget and Finance Committee Meeting6/21/2013
Public Notice6/18/2013
Workshop Meeting6/13/2013
Regular Meeting6/13/2013
Economic Development Committee Meeting6/11/2013
Public Notice6/11/2013
Special Meeting6/7/2013
Public Notice6/5/2013
Public Notice6/1/2013
Transportation & Mobility Meeting5/29/2013
Public Notice5/24/2013
Regular Meeting5/23/2013
Workshop Meeting5/23/2013
Public Notice5/15/2013
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting5/13/2013
Public Notice5/10/2013
Workshop Meeting5/9/2013
Regular Meeting5/9/2013
Compensation & Benefits Meeting5/8/2013
Special Meeting5/2/2013
City Council Economic Development Committee 5/2/2013
Compensation & Benefits Meeting CANCELED5/1/2013
Public Notice4/30/2013
Workshop Meeting4/25/2013
Regular Meeting4/25/2013
Public Notice4/24/2013
Public Notice4/16/2013
Amended Workshop Meeting4/11/2013
Regular Meeting4/11/2013
Public Notice4/9/2013
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting4/5/2013
Public Notice4/2/2013
Regular Meeting3/28/2013
Workshop Meeting3/28/2013
Compensation & Benefits Meeting3/27/2013
Public Notice3/20/2013
Workshop Meeting3/14/2013
Regular Meeting3/14/2013
Public Notice3/1/2013
Workshop Meeting2/28/2013
Regular Meeting2/28/2013
Public Notice2/20/2013
Workshop Meeting2/14/2013
Regular Meeting2/14/2013
Public Notice2/12/2013
Legislative Meeting2/6/2013
Public Notice (Legislative)2/5/2013
Public Notice2/5/2013
Public Notice1/30/2013
Amended Retreat1/29/2013
Regular Meeting1/24/2013
Workshop Meeting1/24/2013
Public Notice1/23/2013
Public Notice1/15/2013
Public Notice1/11/2013
Workshop Meeting1/10/2013
Regular Meeting1/10/2013
Special Meeting12/18/2012
Workshop Meeting12/13/2012
Regular Meeting12/13/2012
Public Notice12/10/2012
Public Notice12/5/2012
Special Meeting12/4/2012
Public Notice11/30/2012
City Council Orientation11/26/2012
Public Notice11/20/2012
Workshop Meeting11/19/2012
Regular Meeting11/19/2012
Public Notice11/13/2012
Workshop Meeting11/8/2012
Regular Meeting11/8/2012
Amended Executive Session11/8/2012
Public Notice11/5/2012
Amended Executive Session10/25/2012
Workshop Meeting10/25/2012
Regular Meeting10/25/2012
Public Notice10/23/2012
Special Meeting10/22/2012
Workshop Meeting10/11/2012
Regular Meeting10/11/2012
Workshop Meeting9/27/2012
Regular Meeting9/27/2012
Workshop Meeting9/13/2012
Regular Meeting9/13/2012
Workshop Meeting8/23/2012
Budget Workshop Meeting (Cancelled)8/23/2012
Amended Regular Meeting8/23/2012
Budget Workshop Meeting8/22/2012
Budget Workshop Meeting8/21/2012
Budget Workshop Meeting8/20/2012
Budget Workshop Meeting (Cancelled)8/17/2012
Budget Workshop Meeting (Cancelled)8/16/2012
Public Notice8/14/2012
Workshop Meeting8/9/2012
Regular Meeting8/9/2012
Amended Regular Meeting7/26/2012
Workshop Meeting7/26/2012
Special Workshop Meeting7/25/2012
Workshop Meeting7/12/2012
Regular Meeting7/12/2012
Workshop Meeting6/28/2012
Regular Meeting6/28/2012
Public Notice6/18/2012
Workshop Meeting6/14/2012
Regular Meeting6/14/2012
Joint Workshop Meeting w/ Citizens Charter Review Commission6/6/2012
Regular Meeting5/24/2012
Workshop Meeting5/24/2012
Special Meeting5/22/2012
Workshop Meeting5/14/2012
Regular Meeting5/14/2012
Workshop Meeting4/26/2012
Regular Meeting4/26/2012
Public Notice4/17/2012
Regular Meeting4/12/2012
Workshop Meeting4/12/2012
Public Notice4/10/2012
Workshop Meeting3/22/2012
Regular Meeting3/22/2012
Amended Executive Session3/22/2012
Workshop Meeting3/8/2012
Regular Meeting3/8/2012
Public Notice3/8/2012
Joint Meeting with COCS & CSISD Board of Trustees3/7/2012
Regular Meeting2/23/2012
Workshop Meeting2/23/2012
Workshop Meeting2/9/2012
Regular Meeting2/9/2012
Special Workshop (Strategic Plan Update)1/31/2012
Special Workshop (Strategic Plan Update)1/30/2012
Workshop Meeting1/26/2012
Regular Meeting1/26/2012
Amended Workshop Meeting1/26/2012
Workshop Meeting1/12/2012
Regular Meeting1/12/2012
Amended Executive Session1/12/2012
Special Executive Session12/15/2011
Joint Meeting with City of Bryan12/15/2011
Workshop Meeting12/8/2011
Regular Meeting12/8/2011
Amended Exec Session12/8/2011
Workshop Meeting11/21/2011
Regular Meeting11/21/2011
Amended Workshop Meeting11/10/2011
Amended Regular Meeting11/10/2011
Amended Workshop Meeting10/27/2011
Regular Meeting10/27/2011
Workshop Meeting10/13/2011
Regular Meeting10/13/2011
Workshop Meeting9/22/2011
Regular Meeting9/22/2011
Joint Meeting with P&Z Commission9/15/2011
Regular Meeting9/8/2011
Workshop Meeting9/8/2011
Amended Executive Session8/25/2011
Regular Meeting8/25/2011
Workshop Meeting8/25/2011
Budget Workshop Meeting8/18/2011
Budget Workshop Meeting8/17/2011
Budget Workshop Meeting8/16/2011
Budget Workshop Meeting8/15/2011
Joint Meeting8/15/2011
Workshop Meeting8/11/2011
Regular Meeting8/11/2011
Audit Committee Meeting8/8/2011
Special Meeting8/8/2011
Regular Meeting7/25/2011
Workshop Meeting7/25/2011
Citizens Charter Review Commission Meeting7/20/2011
Regular Meeting7/14/2011
Workshop Meeting7/14/2011
Amended Executive Session7/14/2011
Strategic Plan Workshop7/12/2011
Regular Meeting6/23/2011
Workshop Meeting6/23/2011
Special Executive Session6/16/2011
Public Notice6/10/2011
Special (Orientation) Meeting6/8/2011
Regular Meeting5/26/2011
Amended Workshop Meeting5/26/2011
Amended Executive Session5/26/2011
Special (Canvassing) Meeting5/19/2011
Workshop Meeting5/12/2011
Regular Meeting5/12/2011
Workshop Meeting4/28/2011
Regular Meeting4/28/2011
Joint Workshop with P&Z Commission4/21/2011
Workshop Meeting4/14/2011
Regular Meeting4/14/2011
Regular Meeting3/24/2011
Workshop Meeting3/24/2011
Special Executive Session3/22/2011
Special Meeting3/22/2011
Workshop Meeting3/10/2011
Regular Meeting3/10/2011
Special Meeting3/8/2011
Workshop Meeting2/24/2011
Regular Meeting2/24/2011
Amended Executive Session2/24/2011
Amended Executive Session2/10/2011
Workshop Meeting2/10/2011
Regular Meeting2/10/2011
Joint COCS & CSISD Meeting2/8/2011
Regular Meeting1/27/2011
Workshop Meeting1/27/2011
Retreat 1/21/2011
Workshop Meeting1/13/2011
Regular Meeting1/13/2011
Special Meeting1/11/2011
Workshop Meeting12/9/2010
Regular Meeting12/9/2010
Workshop Meeting11/22/2010
Regular Meeting11/22/2010
Workshop Meeting11/10/2010
Regular Meeting11/10/2010
Workshop Meeting10/25/2010
Regular Meeting10/25/2010
Workshop Meeting10/14/2010
Regular Meeting10/14/2010
Special Meeting 10/6/2010
Special Meeting (Wellborn)10/6/2010
Workshop Meeting9/23/2010
Regular Meeting9/23/2010
Special Meeting9/13/2010
Workshop Meeting9/9/2010
Regular Meeting9/9/2010
Workshop Meeting8/26/2010
Regular Meeting8/26/2010
Special Budget Meeting8/18/2010
Special Budget Meeting8/17/2010
Special Budget Meeting8/16/2010
Regular Meeting8/12/2010
Workshop Meeting8/12/2010
Special Meeting-Budget8/11/2010
Regular Meeting7/22/2010
Special Meeting7/13/2010
Regular Meeting7/8/2010
Workshop Meeting7/8/2010
Special Meeting7/7/2010
Workshop Meeting6/24/2010
Regular Meeting6/24/2010
Retreat (Special meeting)6/18/2010
Retreat (Special meeting)6/17/2010
Workshop Meeting6/10/2010
Regular Meeting6/10/2010
Workshop Meeting5/27/2010
Regular Meeting5/27/2010
Special Meeting5/18/2010
Special Meeting (Canvassing5/17/2010
Regular Meeting5/17/2010
Workshop Meeting5/17/2010
Workshop Meeting4/22/2010
Regular Meeting4/22/2010
Workshop Meeting4/8/2010
Regular Meeting4/8/2010
Special Meeting3/30/2010
Workshop Meeting3/25/2010
Regular Meeting3/25/2010
Workshop Meeting3/11/2010
Regular Meeting3/11/2010
Special Meeting3/2/2010
Workshop Meeting2/25/2010
Regular Meeting2/25/2010
Special Workshop Tour2/16/2010
Amendment to Workshop Executive Session2/11/2010
Workshop Meeting2/11/2010
Regular Meeting2/11/2010
Workshop Meeting1/28/2010
Regular Meeting1/28/2010
Public Notice1/15/2010
Regular Meeting1/14/2010
Workshop Meeting12/10/2009
Regular Meeting12/10/2009
Workshop Meeting11/23/2009
Regular Meeting11/23/2009
Special Workshop Meeting11/16/2009
Special Meeting11/11/2009
Regular Meeting11/9/2009
Public Notice (Barron Rd)11/2/2009
Regular Meeting10/19/2009
Workshop Meeting10/8/2009
Regular Meeting10/8/2009
Workshop Meeting9/24/2009
Regular Meeting9/24/2009
Workshop Meeting9/10/2009
Regular Meeting9/10/2009
Special Meeting9/1/2009
Workshop Meeting8/27/2009
Regular Meeting8/27/2009
Special Meeting8/24/2009
Special (Budget) Workshop8/20/2009
Workshop Meeting8/17/2009
Regular Meeting8/17/2009
Workshop Meeting7/23/2009
Regular Meeting7/23/2009
Workshop Meeting7/9/2009
Regular Meeting7/9/2009
Budget Workshop Meeting7/8/2009
Budget Workshop Meeting7/7/2009
Special Workshop Meeting7/6/2009
Workshop Meeting6/25/2009
Regular Meeting6/25/2009
Special Meeting6/22/2009
Special Meeting6/22/2009
Regular Meeting6/11/2009
Workshop Meeting5/28/2009
Regular Meeting5/28/2009
Workshop Meeting5/19/2009
Notice of Drawing for Ballot5/19/2009
Workshop Meeting5/18/2009
Regular Meeting5/18/2009
Regular Meeting4/23/2009
Workshop Meeting4/23/2009
Workshop Meeting4/9/2009
Regular Meeting4/9/2009
Special Joint Meeting Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council3/31/2009
Workshop Meeting3/26/2009
Regular Meeting3/26/2009
Special Executive Session3/24/2009
Workshop Meeting3/12/2009
Regular Meeting3/12/2009
Special Meeting3/4/2009
Special Meeting3/3/2009
Workshop Meeting2/26/2009
Regular Meeting2/26/2009
Public Notice2/24/2009
City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission2/19/2009
Regular Agenda2/12/2009
Workshop Agenda2/12/2009
Workshop Meeting1/22/2009
Regular Meeting1/22/2009
Mini Retreat1/12/2009
Workshop Meeting1/8/2009
Regular Meeting1/8/2009
Workshop Meeting 12/16/2008
Regular Meeting 12/16/2008
Smoking Ordinance Public Meeting12/15/2008
Workshop Meeting12/11/2008
Regular Meeting12/11/2008
Regular Meeting11/24/2008
Workshop Meeting11/24/2008
Special Meeting11/17/2008
Regular Meeting11/5/2008
Workshop Meeting11/5/2008
Workshop Meeting10/23/2008
Regular Meeting10/23/2008
Workshop Meeting10/9/2008
Regular Meeting10/9/2008
Audit Committee Meeting10/6/2008
Workshop Agenda9/25/2008
Regular Agenda9/25/2008
Special Meeting9/17/2008
Workshop Meeting9/11/2008
Regular Meeting9/11/2008
Joint Meeting9/9/2008
Public Notice9/9/2008
Joint Meeting9/9/2008
Public Notice9/9/2008
Special Budget Meeting9/8/2008
Special Meeting9/4/2008
Special Meeting9/3/2008
Public Notice8/29/2008
Workshop Meeting8/28/2008
Regular Meeting8/28/2008
Joint Meeting8/25/2008
Special Meeting8/25/2008
Special Meeting8/22/2008
Special Meeting8/21/2008
Special Meeting Executive Session8/21/2008
Special Meeting8/20/2008
Workshop Meeting8/18/2008
Regular Meeting8/18/2008
Workshop Meeting 8/6/2008
Regular Meeting 8/6/2008
Public Notice7/21/2008
Regular Meeting7/10/2008
Workshop Meeting7/10/2008
Public Notice7/3/2008
Special Meeting7/3/2008
Special Meeting - CANCELED7/3/2008
Special Called Emergency Meeting7/2/2008
Special Meeting7/2/2008
Council Retreat On-Site7/1/2008
Council Retreat6/30/2008
Regular Meeting6/26/2008
Workshop Meeting6/26/2008
Joint Workshop Meeting6/19/2008
Workshop Meeting6/12/2008
Regular Meeting6/12/2008
Workshop Meeting5/22/2008
Regular Meeting5/22/2008
Special Meeting5/19/2008
Workshop Meeting5/8/2008
Regular Meeting5/8/2008
Special Council Meeting5/2/2008
Audit Committee Meeting4/29/2008
Executive Session4/24/2008
Regular Meeting4/24/2008
3rd Annual Texas Transportation Forum4/20/2008
Groundbreaking Ceremony4/18/2008
Workshop Meeting4/10/2008
Regular Meeting4/10/2008
College Station Citizen University Class of 20083/31/2008
Workshop Meeting3/27/2008
Regular Meeting3/27/2008
Transportation Committee Meeting3/18/2008
Workshop Meeting3/13/2008
Regular Meeting3/13/2008
Mini Retreat3/5/2008
Citizen Advisory Committee Meeting3/4/2008
Workshop Meeting2/28/2008
Regular Meeting2/28/2008
Citizen Advisory Committee Meeting2/26/2008
Public Notice2/23/2008
Audit Committee Meeting2/19/2008
Workshop Meeting2/14/2008
Regular Meeting2/14/2008
Public Notice2/13/2008
Public Notice2/4/2008
Special Meeting1/29/2008
Special Meeting1/28/2008
Workshop Meeting1/24/2008
Regular Meeting1/24/2008
Intergovenmental Committee Meeting1/22/2008
City Council School Board Joint Meeting 1/22/2008
Special Meeting1/17/2008
Workshop Meeting1/10/2008
Regular Meeting1/10/2008
Special Meeting12/20/2007
Workshop Meeting12/13/2007
Regular Agenda12/13/2007
Arts Funding Subcommittee12/11/2007
Texas High Speed Rail Quarterly Meeting12/5/2007
Special Meeting12/4/2007
Arts Funding Subcommittee12/3/2007
Council Transportation Committee Regular Meeting11/20/2007
Workshop Meeting11/19/2007
Regular Meeting11/19/2007
Regular Meeting11/5/2007
Arts Funding Subcommittee11/2/2007
Red Light Citizen Advisory Committee10/25/2007
Workshop Meeting10/25/2007
Regular Agenda10/25/2007
Red Light Citizen Advisory Committee10/23/2007
Council Transportation Committee Meeting 10/16/2007
City Council Audit Committee10/12/2007
College Station City Council Arts Funding Subcommittee10/12/2007
Regular Meeting10/11/2007
Workshop Meeting10/11/2007
Workshop and Regular Meeting: P&Z10/4/2007
International Students BBQ10/4/2007
Kohl's Grand Opening Ceremony10/3/2007
Domestic Violence 13th Annual Candlelight Vigil10/2/2007
Meeting With Exchange Students From Salamanca10/2/2007
Red Light Camera Citizen Advisory Committee10/2/2007
Reception Dinner Honoring Toyo Ink10/1/2007
Committee Retreat: HPC 10/1/2007
Toyo Ink Groundbreaking10/1/2007
Windwood Neighborhood Association Meeting10/1/2007
Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service10/1/2007
Genesis Corner Open House9/29/2007
Ribbon Cutting9/28/2007
Regular Meeting9/27/2007
Workshop Meeting9/27/2007
Regular Meeting: Construction Board9/26/2007
9/24/07 & 9/25/07: Lobsterfest9/24/2007
5th Annual Interfaith Dinner9/24/2007
Regular Meeting: Senior Advisory Committee9/24/2007
Citizens Congress9/22/2007
Exploring History Lunch Lecture9/19/2007
Research Valley New Ventures Competition Awards Banquet9/18/2007
Senior Center Sub-committee meeting9/17/2007
Regular Meeting: IGC9/17/2007
City Council Arts Funding Subcommittee Meeting9/17/2007
Regular Meeting: DRB9/14/2007
Community Meeting9/12/2007
Regular Meeting: Parks & Recreation9/12/2007
BVCOG 40th Annual Meeting9/12/2007
Regular Meeting: Cemetery Committee9/11/2007
Regular Meeting: CTC9/11/2007
Patriot Day Ceremony9/11/2007
Regular Meeting: HPC9/10/2007
125th Anniversary Celebration Roan's Chapel Baptist Church9/9/2007
United Way Cook Oout9/7/2007
Ottoman Military Band Performance9/6/2007
Groundbreaking Ceremony9/6/2007
Public Communications Director Candidates Reception9/6/2007
Workshop and Regular Meeting: P&Z9/6/2007
City Council Audit Committee Meeting9/5/2007
Special Meeting9/5/2007
City Council Arts Funding Subcommittee Meeting9/5/2007
Long Range Planning Sub-Committee Meeting:Senior Advisory Committee9/4/2007
Invitation to Attend Preview of Rent World 8/31/2007
Special Meeting: HPC8/31/2007
Joint Social with City of Bryan8/30/2007
EOC Joint Committee Meeting8/29/2007
Joint Workshop Meeting: P&Z/CPAC8/29/2007
Special Meeting: Budget8/28/2007
Regular Meeting: Senior Advisory Committee8/27/2007
Special Meeting: Budget8/27/2007
Regular Meeting: DRB8/24/2007
Ribbon Cutting8/24/2007
Workshop Meeting8/23/2007
Regular Meeting8/23/2007
RVP Board of Directors Meeting8/22/2007
Regular Meeting: CTC8/21/2007
Regular Meeting: IGC8/20/2007
CSISD New Employee Luncheon8/17/2007
P&Z:Workshop and Regular Meeting8/16/2007
BCSMPO Meeting8/16/2007
Regular Meeting: CPAC8/15/2007
Exploring History Lunch Lecture8/15/2007
Open Government Training8/15/2007
P&Z Special Meeting8/14/2007
Regular Meeting: Cemetery Committee8/14/2007
Regular Meeting: Parks & Recreation Board8/14/2007
Special Meeting8/14/2007
Joint Meeting with CSISD8/13/2007
Special Meeting8/13/2007
Growth Management Public Involvement Meeting8/10/2007
Site Tour8/10/2007
Growth Management Public Involvement Meeting8/9/2007
Workshop and Regular Meeting: ZBA8/7/2007
Regular Meeting: HPC8/6/2007
Texas Transportation Summit 8/7/07 to 8/10/078/6/2007
Regular Meeting-Cemetery Committee8/3/2007
Special Meeting8/3/2007
Workshop and Regular Meeting-Planning and Zoning Commission8/2/2007
College Station Senior Advisory Committee7/30/2007
Workshop Meeting7/26/2007
Regular Meeting7/26/2007
RVP Board of Directors Meeting7/25/2007
Wolf Pen Creek Oversight Committee meeting 7/24/2007
Joint Workshop: P&Z and CPAC7/24/2007
Cemetery Committee Meeting7/24/2007
Workshop and Regular Meeting-P&Z7/19/2007
RVP Board of Directors Meeting7/18/2007
Exploring History Lunch Lecture7/18/2007
Texas Trasnportation Forum7/18/2007
Regular Meeting-Parks and Recreation Board7/17/2007
Council Retreat 7/16-7/177/16/2007
"Let's Have a Ball" event7/13/2007
Regular Meeting-DRB7/13/2007
Regular Meeting7/12/2007
Workshop meeting7/12/2007
East College Station Transportation Study Meeting7/11/2007
Joint Meeting-P&Z/CPAC7/10/2007
Public Hearing-Economic and Community Development7/9/2007
Workshop and Regular-P&Z7/5/2007
Regular Meeting-HPC7/2/2007
Brazos Family Medicine 9th Annual Graduation Dinner6/29/2007
Regular Meeting6/28/2007
Inner Circle Breakfast6/28/2007
Workshop meeting6/28/2007
Special Meeting6/26/2007
ZBA-Workshop and Regular Meeting6/26/2007
Howdy Social6/26/2007
Canvass of Runoff Election6/26/2007
Senior Advisory Committee Meeting6/25/2007
Citizen's Fire Academy graduation and dinner6/25/2007
Street Dedication6/23/2007
Public Meeting-OAFRC6/22/2007
White Coat Party6/21/2007
Exploring History Lunch Lecture6/20/2007
Research Valley Partnership Board of Directors Meeting6/20/2007
Regular Meeting-Parks & Recreation Board6/19/2007
Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting6/19/2007
Regular Meeting-CTC6/19/2007
Workshop and Regular Meeting-P&Z6/18/2007
IGC Meeting6/18/2007
Annual Freedom March6/14/2007
Workshop meeting`6/14/2007
Regular Meeting6/14/2007
Newman 10 Business Awards6/13/2007
CPAC Meeting6/12/2007
Regular Meeting-Cemetery Committee6/12/2007
OAFRC Meeting6/11/2007
Grand Slam Tennis Tournament6/10/2007
DRB Regular Meeting6/8/2007
P&Z Workshop and Regular Meeting6/7/2007
Public Meeting-Joint Relief Funding Review Committee6/6/2007
ZBA Workshop and Regular Meeting6/5/2007
Cemetery Committee Regular Meeting6/5/2007
Public Hearing- Joint Relief Funding Review Committee6/4/2007
Historic Preservation Committee Meeting6/4/2007
Joint Relief Funding Review Committee Meeting5/31/2007
City Council Audit Committee Meeting5/31/2007
Joint Meeting5/29/2007
Joint Relief Funding Review Committee Meeting5/24/2007
Workshop Meeting5/24/2007
Regular Meeting5/24/2007
CSPD Town Hall Meeting5/22/2007
Special Meeting5/22/2007
Senior Advisory Committee meeting5/21/2007
Intergovernmental Committee Meeting5/21/2007
10th Annual Scholarship Banquet5/19/2007
Outside Agency Funding Review Committee5/18/2007
Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop and Regular Meeting5/17/2007
JRFRC Meeting5/17/2007
CSPD Memorial Service5/16/2007
2007 Hospitality Celebration for Hometown Heroes5/15/2007
Reception for Chancellor McKinney5/15/2007
East College Station Transportation Study Committee Meeting5/15/2007
Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting5/15/2007
Parks and Recreation Board Regular Meeting/Public Hearing5/15/2007
Cemetery Committee Meeting5/15/2007
BVSWMA Meeting5/11/2007
BVSWMA Meeting5/11/2007
Joint Relief Funding Review Committee meeting5/10/2007
CPAC Meeting5/8/2007
Historic Preservation Committee Meeting5/7/2007
Council Washington D.C. Trip5/7/2007
Run for the Roses, Derby Day Celebration5/5/2007
Leaders of the Research Valley Luncheon5/4/2007
Outside Agency Funding Review Committee meeting5/4/2007
Cocktail Reception5/3/2007
Joint Relief Funding Review Committee Meeting5/3/2007
Audit Committee Meeting5/2/2007
Suddenlink tour5/2/2007
Washington D.C. Orientation 5/1/2007
Senior Advisory Committee Meeting4/30/2007
DRB Meeting4/27/2007
Conoco Phillips White House Lecture Series4/27/2007
Arbor Day Celebration/Veteran's Park Dedication4/27/2007
Workshop meeting4/26/2007
regular meeting4/26/2007
Joint Relief Funding Review Committee Meeting4/26/2007
ZBA Workshop and Regular meeting4/24/2007
Construction Board of Adustments & Appeals Meeting4/23/2007
CSISD Final Round4/20/2007
Outside Agency Funding Review Committee Meeting4/20/2007
Outside Agency Funding Review Committee Meeting4/20/2007
Starlight Music Kickoff/Grand Opening of C.S. Operations Building4/19/2007
Cemetery Committee Meeting4/19/2007
P&Z Workshop and Regular Meeting4/19/2007
Junior League 25th Celebration4/19/2007
Research Valley Partnership meeting4/18/2007
Oaks Park Neighborhood Open House4/18/2007
Oaks Park Open House4/18/2007
Exploring History Lunch Lecture4/18/2007
Chamber of Commerce Board meeting4/17/2007
Eastside Transportation Study Public Meeting4/17/2007
IGC Meeting4/16/2007
Council Transportation/East College Station Transportation Study Committee meeting4/16/2007
Unveiling of the Gates of Learning Statue4/14/2007
DRB Meeting4/13/2007
Dual Duck Roast4/13/2007
Workshop Meeting4/12/2007
Regular Meeting4/12/2007
Steeplechase Park Open House4/11/2007
Wolf Pen Crk TIF Meeting4/10/2007
Woodland Hills Park Site Development4/10/2007
William Waldo Cameron Forum on Public Affairs4/10/2007
2007 Jefferson Award Ceremony4/10/2007
Cemetery Committee Meeting4/10/2007
Sister Cities Farewell Dinner4/9/2007
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony4/5/2007
CPAC Meeting4/4/2007
ZBA Workshop and Regular Meeting4/3/2007
Gabbard Park Block Party4/3/2007
Senate and Legislative Ladies Club Reception4/3/2007
Brazos Youth Livestock Show4/3/2007
2010 Census LUCA Program4/3/2007
Annual C.S. Police Dept. Awards Banquet4/3/2007
USA for Rural Public Heath Preparedness4/2/2007
Historic Preservation Committee meeting4/2/2007
Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra Concert4/1/2007
Workshop, Planning & Development Regulations3/30/2007
Chamber of Commerce Leadership Community Briefing3/30/2007
Joint Workshop Meeting of the Cities of Bryan and College Station Planning and Zoning Commission3/29/2007
Texas Municipal League Region X Meeting3/29/2007
Eastside Transportation Study Public Meeting3/29/2007
10th Annual M.B. Zale Visionary Merchant Lecture and Awards Ceremony/Luncheon3/28/2007
Cemetery Committee Meeting3/27/2007
Senior Advisory Committee Meeting3/26/2007
Research Valley Partnership Meeting3/21/2007
Chamber of Commerce Board Meetin3/20/2007
P&Z Special Meeting3/20/2007
Transportation Committee Meeting3/20/2007
Cemetery Committee Meeting3/20/2007
DRB Meeting3/19/2007
Construction Board of Adustments & Appeals Meeting3/19/2007
Special Meeting, Citizen's University3/19/2007
Girl's Softball Opening Ceremonies3/19/2007
Regular Meeting3/8/2007
Workshop Meeting3/8/2007
Recognition Luncheon3/8/2007
Addendum to Regular Meeting3/8/2007
Woodland Hills Park Site Development Public Hearing3/7/2007
Brazos Community Luncheon Foundation3/6/2007
Cemetery Committee Workshop3/6/2007
Parks and Recreation Board Meeting/Public Hearing3/6/2007
Historic Preservation Meeting3/5/2007
Leadership Forum3/3/2007
Twanna M. Powell Lecture Series3/2/2007
2007 Torch Awards Luncheon3/1/2007
Consuls General Luncheon2/28/2007
East College Station Transportation Study Committee2/27/2007
Cemetery Committee Meeting2/27/2007
Community Impact Awards Luncheon2/27/2007
Fraternal Partnership Committee Meeting2/26/2007
Senior Advisory Committee Regular Meeting2/26/2007
2007 AWARDS LUNCHEON, TAMU 2/23/2007
Workshop Meeting2/22/2007
Regular Meeting2/22/2007
Parks & Recreation Board Special Meeting2/22/2007
Audit Committee Meeting2/22/2007
CBAA Meeting2/20/2007
Council Transportation Committee Meeting2/20/2007
IGC Meeting2/19/2007
College Station City Council Capitol2/14/2007
College Station City Council Driskill2/13/2007
Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Agenda2/13/2007
Planning & Development Services Department Forum2/12/2007
Parkland Dedication Focus Group2/9/2007
Workshop Meeting2/8/2007
Regular Meeting2/8/2007
Addendum to 070208 Regular Meeting2/8/2007
HPC Meeting2/5/2007
Special Meeting2/1/2007
P&Z Workshop and Regular meeting2/1/2007
Senior Advisory Committee meeting1/29/2007
Workshop meeting1/25/2007
Regular meeting1/25/2007
Gabbard Park Site Improvements Public Hearing1/24/2007
Economic Outlook Conference1/24/2007
Wolf Pen TIF/Wolf Pen Oversight Committee meeting1/23/2007
Cemetery Meeting1/23/2007
International Speakers Program1/23/2007
Business After Hours1/18/2007
Council Transportation Committee Meeting1/16/2007
Cemetery Committe Workshop and Regular Meeting1/16/2007
Wolf Pen TIF/Wolf Pen Oversight Committee Meeting1/16/2007
Workshop and Regular Meeting1/11/2007
Special Meeting1/8/2007
IGC Meeting1/5/2007
Workshop and Regular Meeting12/14/2006
Council events 12/13/06-12/15/0612/13/2006
Cemetery Commitee Regular Meeting12/12/2006
Council Events 12/4/2006-12/13/200612/4/2006
Christmas Lighting Celebration12/1/2006
"Just Imagine" Dinner11/30/2006
Council Events11/29/2006
Council Events-11/21/2006 through 11/29/200611/21/2006
Workshop and Regular11/20/2006
Workshop and Regular Meeting11/17/2006
Workshop and Regular Meeting11/9/2006
Welcoming Reception11/9/2006
CPAC Meeting11/6/2006
CPAC Meeting10/26/2006
Workshop and Regular Meeting10/23/2006
Brazos Bash Windy Hill Ranch10/21/2006
Workshop and Regular Meeting10/12/2006
Tall Texans Gala9/29/2006
Fire Truck Viewing9/28/2006
Workshop Meeting9/28/2006
Regular Meeting9/28/2006
B/CS Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Lobsterfest9/24/2006
B/CS Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours9/21/2006
Exploring History Lunch Lecture9/20/2006
VOTEXAS Program9/19/2006
ACBV Celebrating the Arts 20069/19/2006
Special Meeting9/18/2006
Workshop Meeting9/14/2006
Regular Meeting9/14/2006
Ribbon Cutting, Callaway Villas9/13/2006
BVCOG Annual Workshop9/13/2006
CPAC Meeting9/13/2006
Fiestas Patrias Mexicanas parade & festival9/10/2006
"Cultural Day", George Bush Library9/9/2006
"Touch of Steel" Commemerative Event9/9/2006
ACBV Reception9/7/2006
Special Meeting8/31/2006
Special Meeting8/30/2006
Welcome Reception8/30/2006
Special Meeting8/29/2006
Workshop Meeting8/24/2006
Regular Meeting8/24/2006
Special Meeting8/23/2006
Special Meeting8/22/2006
Special Meeting8/14/2006
Special Meeting8/8/2006
Workshop Meeting8/7/2006
Regular Meeting8/7/2006
Outside Agency Funding Review Committee Public Meeting8/3/2006
Workshop Meeting7/27/2006
Regular Meeting7/27/2006
Special Meeting7/20/2006
Special Meeting7/19/2006
Special Meeting7/17/2006
Special Meeting7/17/2006
Workshop Meeting7/13/2006
Regular Meeting7/13/2006
Council Retreat 20066/30/2006
Council Retreat 20066/29/2006
Workshop Meeting6/22/2006
Regular Meeting6/22/2006
Neighborhood Meeting6/19/2006
Regular Meeting6/8/2006
Workshop Meeting6/8/2006
Special Meeting6/7/2006
Special Meeting6/1/2006
Special Meeting6/1/2006
Workshop Meeting5/25/2006
Regular Meeting5/25/2006
Special Meeting5/24/2006
IGC Meeting5/15/2006
Special Workshop Meeting5/4/2006
Workshop Meeting4/27/2006
Regular Meeting4/27/2006
Going Away Reception4/20/2006
Regular Meeting4/13/2006
Community Meeting4/11/2006
P&Z Workshop4/6/2006
Tex 21 Quarterly Meeting3/30/2006
Workshop Meeting3/23/2006
Regular Meeting3/23/2006
IGC Meeting3/20/2006
Special Meeting3/15/2006
Workshop Meeting3/9/2006
Regular Meeting3/9/2006
Special Meeting2/28/2006
Special Meeting2/27/2006
Special Meeting2/27/2006
Workshop Meeting2/23/2006
Regular Meeting2/23/2006
IGC Meeting2/20/2006
Special Meeting and Workshop2/16/2006
Workshop Meeting2/9/2006
Regular Meeting2/9/2006
Special Meeting2/2/2006
Workshop Meeting1/26/2006
Regular Meeting1/26/2006
Training Session1/17/2006
Workshop Meeting1/12/2006
Regular Meeting1/12/2006