College Station City Council

Regular Meeting

Thursday April 14, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.

City Hall Council Chamber, 1101 Texas Avenue

College Station, Texas

1.               Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation

Presentations:         International Student Presentation; Africa

Youth of the Year Proclamation

                              2005 USA Team Tennis National Campus Champions

Ernest Gaines Day Proclamation

Texas Safety Association – Occupational Safety & Health Awards

Sons of Confederate Veterans Proclamation

Proclamation for Peter Sis Day

International Assoc. of Administrative Professionals Proclamation

Consider request from absence for meeting


2.               Hear Visitors

(Any citizen may address the City Council for three minutes on city related issues not scheduled on the posted agenda.  An information form is provided at the register table and should be completed prior to 5:45 p.m. and given to the City Secretary.  The City Council will receive the information, ask staff to look into the matter, or place the issue on a future agenda for discussion).


            Consent Agenda


3.1          Presentation, discussion, and possible action on the renewal agreement with Professional Floor Service and Janitorial for the Annual Janitorial Maintenance Services Contract #03-057, Bid No. 03-46 for an annual expenditure of $194,309.40.


3.2          Bid #05-58.   Presentation, discussion, and possible action concerning a resolution of the City Council of the City of College Station, Texas, approving a construction contract, Bid Number 0554, Contract Number 05119, with R.M. Dudley Construction, Inc., in the amount of $546,809.00 for the development of John Crompton Park, Project Number PK 9803.


3.3          Contract #05-117.  Presentation, discussion and possible action on a resolution approving a construction contract to build a new 23 inch waterline with Brazos Valley Services, in the amount of $48,040.00.


3.4          Presentation, discussion and possible action to approve Change Order #1 to Professional Services Contract 03-139 with Mitchell and Morgan, LLP for engineering services for the Annexation Sewer Project, increasing the contract by $39,400.00 for a revised contract amount of $210,745.00.


3.5          RFP #04-69.  Presentation, discussion, and possible action on a contract with Schrickel, Rollins and Associates, Inc., to develop a master plan of University Drive in the Northgate area to address the safety of pedestrians crossing the roadway.  The amount of the contract is not to exceed $217,715.00.


3.6          Presentation, discussion, and possible action on an Optional Relocation Program (ORP) Rehousing Agreement between the City and eligible housing assistance applicants, and authorizing the expenditure of funds for demo/construction costs of $67,780 for the project located at 1119 Detroit.


3.7          Presentation, discussion, and possible action on an ordinance vacating and abandoning ROW and Easements in the Horse Haven Subdivision.


3.8          Presentation, discussion, and possible action on a resolution approving the construction of a permanent median on George Bush Drive between Texas Avenue and Rosemary Street.


3.9          Presentation, discussion, and possible action on a resolution approving Notices of Sale, Preliminary Official Statements and related materials for the sale of “City of College Station, Texas General Obligation Improvement Bonds, Series 2005” and “City of College Station, Texas Certificates of Obligation, Series 2005”, and “City of College Station, Texas Utility System Revenue Bonds, Series 2005” including selection of a date of opening bids.


3.10        Presentation, discussion, and possible action on a resolution appointing election officials to serve in the May 7, 2005 City of College Station and CSISD general election.


Regular Agenda


Vision Statement IV – Planning and Development


4.1                          Public hearing, presentation, discussion and possible action on a Conditional Use Permit – Use & Site for a Sprintcom stealth telecommunications tower consisting of approximately 3.175 acres at 903 Krenek Tap, generally located on the north side of Krenek Tap Road, just east of Dartmouth Drive.


4.2                          Public hearing, presentation, discussion, and possible action on an ordinance rezoning Callaway Subdivision Phase II, consisting of approximately 14 acres, located on the east side of Marion Pugh Drive, approximately 500’ south of the intersection of George Bush Drive, including a portion of the Luther Street Right-of-Way, from C-1 General Commercial to R-6 High Density Multi-Family.


4.3                          Public hearing, presentation, discussion, and possible action on a rezoning for a portion of a tract consisting of 22.692 acres and generally located at the southwest corner of Greens Prairie Road and Pebble Creek Parkway from R-4, Multi-family to R-1, Single-family Residential; from R-4 and R-1 to A-P, Administrative-Professional; and R-4 to C-3, Light Commercial.


5.                  Discussion and possible action on future agenda items – A Council Member may inquire about a subject for which notice has not been given.  A statement of specific factual information or the recitation of existing policy may be given.  Any deliberation shall be limited to a proposal to place the subject on an agenda for a subsequent meeting.


6.                  Council Calendars

                  Agenda Planning Calendar

                  April 11                              Fraternal Partnership – Admin. Conf. Room – 5:30 p.m.

                  April 12                              Transportation Committee – Admin. Conf. Room – noon

                  April 12                              McLane Leadership in Business Award – Annenberg Presidential Conference Center – 5:00 p.m.

                  April 14                              Regular Council Meeting – 7:00 p.m.

                  April 15                              R.S.V.P. for Citizen Committee Banquet – Debbie Cody

                  April 18                              Intergovernmental Meeting – Bryan - noon

                  April 19                              Meet the Chief Reception – Police Dept. 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.       

                  April 19                              Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting – 8:00 a.m.

                  April 20                              First Day of Early Voting

                  April 20                              Terrace Pines Groundbreaking – 819 Krenek Tap/Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater – 11:00 a.m.

                  April 20                              Wm. Waldo Cameron Forum, Annenberg Presidential Conf. Ctr. 11:30

                  April 20                              Research Valley Partnership – 3:00 p.m.

                  April 22                              Citizens Committee Recognition Banquet – Hilton – 6:00

                  April 25                              Leadership Forum – Annenberg Presidential Conference Center – 5:00

                  April 28                              Workshop and Regular Council Meeting – 3:00 p.m.

                  May 3                                Last Day for Early Voting

                  May 7                                Election Day


7.                  Discussion, review and possible action regarding the following meetings:  Brazos County Health Department, Brazos Animal Shelter, Brazos Valley Council of Governments, Cemetery Committee, City Center,  Design Review Board, Faηade Improvement Program Advisory Committee, Fraternal Partnership, Historic Preservation Committee, Intergovernmental Committee and School District, Joint Relief Funding Review Committee, Library Committee, Making Cities Livable Conference,  Metropolitan Planning Organization, Parks and Recreation Board, Planning and Zoning Commission, Sister City Association, TAMU Student Senate, The Research Valley Partnership, Transportation Committee, Wolf Pen Creek Oversight Committee, Zoning Board of Adjustments, (see attached posted notices for subject matters).


8.         The City Council may convene the executive session following the regular meeting to discuss matters posted on the executive session agenda for April 14, 2005.  Consultation with Attorney (Gov’t Code Section 551.071); possible action. 

The City Council may seek advice from its attorney regarding a pending and contemplated litigation subject or settlement offer or attorney-client privileged information.  Litigation is an ongoing process and questions may arise as to a litigation tactic or settlement offer, which needs to be discussed with the City Council.  Upon occasion the City Council may need information from its attorney as to the status of a pending or contemplated litigation subject or settlement offer or an attorney-client privileged information.  After executive session discussion, any final action or vote taken will be in public.  The following subject(s) may be discussed:

                  a.   TCEQ Docket No. 2002-1147-UCR, Applications of Brushy Water Supply and College Station (Westside/Highway 60)

                  b.   TCEQ Docket No. 2003-0544MWD, Application of Nantucket, Ltd.

                  c.   TXU Lone Star Gas Rate Request.

                  d.   Cause No. 03-002098-CV-85, Brazos County, College Station v. Wellborn Special Utility District

                  e.   Civil Action No. H-04-4558, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division

                  College Station v. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, etc., and Wellborn Special Utility District

                  f.    TCEQ Docket No. 582-04-2840, Application of Wellborn Special Utility District

                  g.   Civil Action No. H-04-3876, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division JK Development v. College Station

                  h.   GUD No. 9530 – Gas Cost Prudence Review, Atmos Energy Corporation

                  i.    GUD No. 9560 – Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program (GRIP) rate increases, Atmos Energy Corporation


9.            Final action on executive session, if necessary.


10.          Adjourn.


If litigation issues arise to the posted subject matter of this Council Meeting an executive session will be held.






City Manager Thomas E. Brymer




City Secretary Connie Hooks


 I certify that this agenda was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, 1101 Texas Avenue, College Station, Texas on April 8, 2005 at 5:00 p.m.  This building is wheelchair accessible.  Handicap parking spaces are available.  Any request for sign interpretive service must be made 48 hours before the meeting.  To make arrangements call (979) 764-3517 or (TDD) 1-800-735-2989.  Agendas may be viewed on  and council meeting shown live on Cable Access Channel 19.