City Council



Lynn McIlhaney

James Massey



Mayor Pro Tempore

Ron Silvia



Larry Mariott

Winnie Garner



City Manager

Dennis Maloney



Thomas E. Brymer

Anne Hazen







College Station, Embracing the Past, Exploring the Future









Tuesday, January 30, 2001

City Hall Council Chambers



Councilmembers Present: McIlhaney, Mariott, Massey, Hazen, Maloney, Silvia, Garner


Staff Present: City Manager Brymer, Assistant City Manager Brown, City Attorney Cargill Jr., City Secretary Hooks Assistant to the City Manager Brandenberg, and Public Relations & Marketing Manager Cole, Assistant City Secretary Casares


Agenda Item No. 1 – Call to Order.


Mayor McIlhaney called the meeting to order at 4:40 p.m.


Agenda Item No. 2 – Presentation, discussion and possible action on proposed smoking ordinance.


Councilman Massey thanked the Legislative Committee members and staff for their efforts on the proposed smoking ordinance. 


The group discussed the proposed smoking ordinance.  Items included in the discussion related to:  removal of a bar area in restaurants as an exception in the ordinance, adequate ventilation systems and associated costs to business owners, safety and health concerns primarily toward children, and appropriate notification to patrons that no smoking is allowed. 


Councilman Maloney made a motion to approve Ordinance Number 2490 contingent upon the City of Bryan adoption of the same smoking ordinance within two meetings.  Motion seconded by Councilman Garner, which carried by a vote of 7-0.


The Ordinance Caption is stated as follows:  An ordinance amending Chapter 7, “Health and Sanitation”, of the Code of Ordinances of the City of College Station, Texas by repealing Section 9, “Tobacco Products and Smoking of tobacco products in public places”; providing for a new Section 9, “Tobacco Products and Smoking”; providing a severability clause, declaring a penalty, and effective date, and dispensing with culpable mental state.


Agenda Item No. 3 – Adjourn.


Hearing no objection, the Special Council Meeting was adjourned at 5:23 p.m.




PASSED AND APPROVED 8th day of March 2001.







                                                            Mayor Lynn McIlhaney






City Secretary Connie Hooks