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Lynn McIlhaney

James Massey



Mayor Pro Tempore

Ron Silvia



Larry Mariott

Winnie Garner



City Manager

Dennis Maloney



Thomas E. Brymer

Anne Hazen







College Station, Embracing the Past, Exploring the Future







Workshop and Regular Meetings

Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers


COUNCILMEMBERS PRESENT:  Mayor McIlhaney, Councilmembers Massey, Maloney, Silvia, Hazen, Garner


STAFF PRESENT:  City Manager Brymer, Assistant City Manager Brown, City Attorney Cargill, Jr., City Secretary Hooks, Director of Development Services Callaway, Director of Fiscal Services Cryan, Senior Planner Kuenzel, Staff Planner Jimmerson, City Planner Kee


Mayor McIlhaney called the workshop meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.


Agenda Item No. 1 – Discussion of consent agenda items.


City Manager Brymer requested agenda Item No. 11.12 be removed from consent agenda.  Staff will present a report in executive session.


Agenda Item No. 2 – Presentation, discussion and possible action on receiving the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.


Tom Wallis of Ingram, Wallis & Associates presented a brief summary of the audit results for fiscal year 2000.  He described the CAFR, the single audit report and letter to the City Council to address management’s relationship with auditors and stewardship.  He also discussed the data collection form registered in the single audit clearinghouse.  Mr. Wallis informed the council of the new reporting model for all governments that will be effective 2003.  


No action was taken.


Agenda Item No. 3 – Presentation, discussion and possible action on an update regarding the development of a transportation improvement plan by Dean International Inc.


David Dean of Dean International Inc. presented a brief summary regarding the development of a transportation improvement plan.  Mr. Dean stated they are currently working with staff and have met with other agencies and officials in and around College Station regarding project prioritization and funding sources.  Mr. Dean has developed a draft prioritized evaluation project matrix.  The project matrix will help the City prioritize its time to develop projects in different


categories.  Also, included are different funding sources at the local, regional, state and federal level.  The final report will be presented at the April 26, 2001 Council Meeting. 


The council discussed possible funding sources for this project.  The council will be attending the Texas Transportation Summit, August 15-17, 2001, and a trip to Austin and Washington D.C. to petition for funding and assistance in the city’s meeting its transportation goals.


Mayor McIlhaney suggested that Mr. Dean meet with the senior citizens in our community.  At a pervious meeting they expressed the need for good public transportation.


No action was taken.


Agenda Item No. 4 – Joint workshop and discussion with the College Station Planning and Zoning Commission.


Planning and Zoning Commissioners present were:  Karl Mooney, John Happ, Rick Floyd, Joe Horlen and Judy Warren.  Commissioners absent were Ray Harris and Carolyn Williams.  Chairman Mooney opened the meeting. 


Director of Development Services Jim Callaway explained the purpose of the joint meeting between the Council and Planning and Zoning Commission.  Recently the commission forwarded a request for a joint workshop meeting to discuss changes in the protocol and procedures related to zoning cases and other items that came to Council with Commission recommendations. 


Chairman Mooney presented a list of projects that staff and the Planning and Zoning Commissioners were currently addressing in their meetings.  The list included:



He also presented the Council Strategic Issues and issues the Planning and Zoning Commission has dealt with over the past few months:



The Council and Planning and Zoning Commissioners briefly discussed some of the issues.   Council directed staff to put the protocol issues on a future council workshop agenda. 



Commissioner Warren made a motion to adjourn the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting at 5:30 p.m.  Commissioner Happ seconded the motion and carried unanimously, 5-0.


Council recessed at 5:30 p.m. for a short break.  They reconvened at 5:39 p.m.


Agenda Item No 5 – Presentation discussion and possible action on a Council resolution to adopt the 30/60 Study Area.  This item is scheduled for possible adoption on the regular Agenda.


This item was discussed during the regular session.


Agenda Item No 6 – Council Calendars


Council Workshop and Regular Meetings, 4/26, 5/10, 5/24

Strategic Planning Retreat, 5/14- 5/15 – Del Lago

Joint Legislative Meeting, 5/17, 12:00 p.m., Administration Conference Room

Legislative Update, 6/25, Dallas

AMCC Institute, 7/19-22, Wichita Falls


Agenda Item No. 7 – Hear Visitors


Chuck Ellison, 2902 Camille Drive, addressed the council regarding the appeal process for zoning cases.  Mr. Ellison disagreed with the time frame for filing an appeal. 


Agenda Item No. 8 – Executive Session


At 5:50 p.m., Mayor McIlhaney announced that the City Council would convene into executive session pursuant to 551.071, 551.072 and 551.086 of the open meetings act, to seek the advice of our attorney, to consider the purchase of real property, and Economic Development negotiations.


Consultation with Attorney {Gov’t Code Section 551.071}

1.               Cause No. 43,098-85, Brazos County – Bryan v. College Station

2.               Cause No. 96-03168, Travis County – Bryan, et al. v. PUC (intervention)

3.         Cause No. 97-02587, Travis County – Bryan, et al. v. PUC (intervention)

4.         Cause No. 98-13391, Travis County – Bryan, et al. v. PUC (intervention)

5.         Cause No. 96-06940, Travis County – Bryan, et al. v. PUC (intervention)

6.         Cause No. 97-07000, Travis County – TMPA v. PUC (intervention)

7.         Cause No. 98-11817, Travis County – TMPA v. PUC (intervention)

8.               Cause No. GN002343, Travis County – San Antonio v. PUC (intervention)

9.               Cause No. GN002513, Travis County – San Antonio v. PUC (intervention)

10.            Cause No. 49,367-CCL2, Brazos County – Wilkerson v. College Station

11.       Action No. 01-98-011056-CV, Court of Appeals Gold v. College Station

12.       Docket Nos. TX96-2-000 and TX96-2-001, FERC – College Station, applicant

13.       Cause No. 50,813-85, Brazos County – College Station v. Phillips Swager Associates, Inc.; et al.

14.       Cause No. 51,822-CC1, Brazos County  - Felder v. College Station


15.       Cause No. 52,434-361, Brazos County – College Station v. Wolf Pen Creek, Ltd., et al. 


Real Estate {Gov’t Code Section 551.072}

1.  New BVSWMA Landfill site

2.  Electrical substation and water facility sites


Economic Incentive Negotiations {Gov’t Code Section 551.086}

1.  Viatel

2.  Hotel Conference Center


Agenda Item No. 9 – Final action on Executive Session, if necessary


Council recessed from executive session at 7:00 p.m.


Regular Meeting


Mayor McIlhaney opened the regular meeting at 7:05 p.m.   She led the audience in the pledge of allegiance.  Dr. Bruce Wood from Aldersgate United Methodist Church provided the invocation.


Councilman Silvia made a motion to approve the absence request from Larry Mariott.  Seconded by Councilman Massey which carried unanimously, 6-0.


Mayor McIlhaney read the proclamation for Building Safety Week.  Lance Simms accepted the proclamation.  Mayor McIlhaney read the proclamation for National Community Development week.  Randy Brumley and Debbie Eller accepted the proclamation.   Mayor McIlhaney read the proclamation for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Beverly Mireles accepted the proclamation.  Mayor McIlhaney presented a Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteer of the Year to Debby Eller.  Mayor McIlhaney presented Charles Cryan with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of his outstanding service in the remodeling of City Hall.


Consent Agenda


11.1     Approved by common consent the minutes for City Council special meeting, March 7, 2001, workshop and regular meeting, March 8, 2001 and workshop and regular meeting March 22, 2001.

11.2     Contract No. 01-103 – Approved by common consent a resolution approving a service contract and Change Order No. 1, which includes the substitution of a construction contract for the service contract.  The contract is for installation of new water and wastewater service connections to the water distribution and wastewater collection systems.  Recommend award to the lowest, responsible bidder meeting specifications, Elliot Construction, Inc. in the amount of $322,550.00 and Change Order No. 1 deduct in the amount of $151,550.00.  The revised total cost of construction is $171,000.00.  Funds available and budgeted in the Water and Wastewater Distribution Fund.

11.3     Approved by common consent a resolution of the City of College Station, Texas, authorizing condemnation to acquire in fee simple certain property for the George Bush Drive East Widening project. Funds for right-of-way acquisition are available and budgeted in General Obligation Bond Funds.

11.4     Approved by common consent a resolution appointing officials to serve in the May 5, 2001 city and school general election.

11.5     Approved by common consent the sale of a strip of real property to TxDOT for the widening of Texas Avenue and authorizing the Mayor to execute a Memorandum of Agreement and Deed to effect the conveyance.

11.6     Approved the common consent the purchase of two tracts of real property needed for the realignment of Rock Prairie Road and authorizing the Mayor to execute the Real Estate Contract to effect the conveyance.

11.7     Approved by common consent a resolution of the City of College Station, Texas, amending resolution no. 9-23-00-12.17 determining a public necessity to acquire an interest in certain property to waive street paving assessments on the project.

11.8     Approved by common consent a change order to the Northgate Water Main Project, Project No. WT-9805, to Elliott Construction, Inc. in the amount of $21,910.00.  If approved, funds will be transferred from Water Distribution System Rehabilitation Project.

11.9     Approved by common consent a Resolution Determining Need to acquire Fee Simple interests and mineral interest for certain property located in Grimes County.

11.10   Approved by common consent Ordinance Number 2496 adding territory to the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of the City of College Station, which is owned by Harold B. and Rosealice Trant in Grimes County, Texas.

11.11   Approved by common consent an Option Contract with Bobby Trant, Patsy T. Langford and Robin T. Johnson to purchase approximately 40 acres of land for the Brazos Valley Solid Waste Management Agency (BVSWMA) to site a Type I, Solid Waste Disposal Facility (Landfill).

11.12   Approved by common consent an agreement with HKS Inc. to expend up to $105,000 for architectural services associated wit the hotel/conference center project in the Highway 30/60 corridor.  Funds available and budgeted in the Conference Center Fund.  Councilman Garner abstained.


Councilman Massey left the meeting at 7:25 p.m.


Regular Agenda


Agenda Item No. 12.1 – Public hearing, discussion and possible action on an ordinance rezoning the Crowley Tract, 351.92 acres located near the northwest corner of the intersection of SH6 and Greens Prairie road from A-O, Agricultural Open and C-1, General commercial to R-1A, Single Family Residential, R-3 Townhome, R-4, Low Density Multifamily and C-1, General Commercial.


Staff Planner Jessica Jimmeraon presented an overview of this rezoning case.  Staff expressed concern about placing an intense commercial district, C-1, directly adjacent to the existing A-O to the north of the subject property.  Staff recommended a buffer between tract 1A, proposed as C-1, and the existing property to the north, which is currently A-O.  The applicant is in agreement with the condition.  This rezoning request is in compliance with the master development plan. 


The Planning and Zoning Commission recommend approval of the rezoning with the staff recommended condition.


The applicant, Mr. Crowley presented a brief overview of the project.  Mr. Crowley clarified the property between the commercial areas, the northeast corner and R-3 is a small green belt for drainage, not a street. 


Mayor McIlhaney opened the public hearing.


No one spoke.


Mayor McIlhaney closed the public hearing.


Councilman Maloney moved to approve Ordinance 2497 with staff recommendation listed above.  Motion seconded by Councilman Silvia, which carried 5-0.


FOR:  Maloney, Silvia, McIlhaney, Hazen, Garner


ABSENT:  Massey, Mariott


Agenda Item No. 12.2 – Presentation, discussion and possible action on a Council resolution to adopt the 30/60 Study Area Plan Amendment.


Senior Planner Sabine Kuenzel explained that the City Council tabled this item in March to allow staff to bring forth additional information regarding the potential for single-family development in Sub-Area 6.  Also, a comparison of the Park Hudson deed restrictions and the Bryan overlay district standards with College Station development requirements.  Staff recommended the following changes:



Councilman Massey returned to the meeting at 8:05 p.m.




Mayor McIlhaney opened the floor for public comment.


Sherry Ellison, 2705 Brookway Drive suggested creating a Carter Creek Greenways, biking area, native habitat and change the zoning to R&D or A&P with buffering.


Following an extensive discussion,  the City Council made the following changes to the 30/60 study:



Staff presented a comparison of the Park Hudson deed restrictions and the Bryan overlay district standards.  In the proposed 30/60 plan, staffs recommendation for the 30/60 study states that the City of College Station should examine the requirements across 158 and 60 to consider if there are any Zoning Ordinance changes that would be needed to ensure that development in College Station area is as attractive as the future development on the Bryan side.  Council directed staff to leave their recommendation in the plan.


Council directed staff to place the 30/60 Study on the April 26, 2001 council agenda for adoption. 


Council recessed at 9:10 p.m. for a short break.  They reconvened at 9:15 p.m.


Agenda Item No. 12.3 – Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding annexation feasibility (Vision Statement 2, Strategy 1, Implementation Plan a).


Director of Development Services Jim Callaway detailed the Annexation Feasibility and Priorities for the City of College Station. 


The College Station Police Department requested that Wellborn Road ROW be annexed where confusions in accident response occurs.  If the city provides services out side the city then annexation should occur.  However, a final decision to annex an area should not be made until a preliminary plan and cost estimate for providing full municipal services has been prepared.  Any areas Council identifies for annexation will be presented to Council in resolution form for formal initiation of the annexation process. 


Councilman Massey directed staff to develop a plan using the Annexation Feasibility and Priorities Study to provide city services in accordance with the budget.  Motion seconded by Councilman Maloney, which carried by a vote of 6-0.


FOR:  Massey, Maloney, McIlhaney, Hazen, Garner and Silvia



Agenda Item No. 13 – Executive Session


Council concluded its executive session prior to 7:00 p.m.  No action was taken.


Agenda Item No. 14 - Adjourn


Hearing no objection, the Workshop, Executive session and Regular meetings were adjourned at 9:58 p.m.


PASSED AND APPROVED this 26th day of April 2001.





                                                                        Mayor Lynn McIlhaney




City Secretary Connie Hooks