Agenda Item Cover Sheet

Agenda Item #01


Regular Item


Consent Item


Workshop Item

Item Submitted By:

Connie Hooks, City Secretary

Council Meeting Date:

June 7, 2000

Director Approval:


City Manager Approval:


Item: Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding sunset review of council appointed citizen committees. 

Item Summary: At the May 25th council meeting, council directed staff to place on this agenda, an item to provide for council discussion of various citizen committees. The purpose is to evaluate the performance of the board, the board's mission and the city council's charge to the board of their role, responsibility, and authority. Further, council can evaluate the continued need for each committee's existence or whether those responsibilities can be consolidated with another committee.

Council Action Options:

1. Make changes to board's responsibilities, roles, etc.

2. Do not change status of board's responsibilities, roles, etc.

3. No action.

Supporting Materials:
1. Creating Authority for each board or committee by ordinance, resolution, council action or statute. (
1) (2) (3)