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Steve Esmond

Mayor Pro Tempore

Ron Silvia

David Hickson

Swiki Anderson

City Manager

Larry Mariott

George K. Noe

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College Station City Council

Regular Meeting Agenda

Thursday, April 8, 1999 at 6:00 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers, 1101 Texas Avenue

College Station, Texas


1.         Pledge of Allegiance


             Consider request for absence from meeting


·        Proclamations – Municipal Volunteer Month

         Sexual Assault Awareness Month

         Safety Awareness Week

         Cops and Lobsters Week


2.         Consent Agenda


2.1       Consider minutes for City Council regular meeting, March 11, 1999 and March 25, 1999


      2.2       Bid No. 99-65 – Discussion and possible action on the sale of two (2) Automated Collection Trucks in the amount of $63,097.  Recommend award to Temple Iron & Metal Co. as the highest bidder.


      2.3       Discussion and possible action on ratification of emergency purchase of Wood Utility Poles in accordance with LGC 252.022(a)(2), a procurement necessary to preserve the public health or safety of the municipality’s residents.  Estimated expenditure to Conroe Wood Products in the amount of $37,854.02.  Funds available in Capital Projects, New Services and Extensions.


      2.4       Discussion and possible action on the abandonment of a 0.05 acre public utility easement located in Lot 1, Block 1, Dartmouth Addition.


Council Regular 4/8/99                                                                                 Page 2


      2.5       Discussion and possible action to abandon the existing sanitary sewer easement related to Christine Lane Project Phase II. 



     2.6        Discussion and possible action on a resolution approving a Professional Services Agreement with CSC Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Inc. for Ground Water Monitoring, Topographical Survey and related services in the amount of $76,040.  Funds available in BVSWMA Fund Landfill Operations Budget.


                                             2.7          Discussion and possible action to approve Preliminary Official Statement for Issuance of General Obligation Bonds and Certificates of Obligation.


           2.8        Discussion and possible action on request for oversize participation in the amount of $62,879 for extensions of an 18 inch sanitary sewer line from near the intersection of FM 2818 and Welsh Avenue to the northeast corner of the Steeplechase Subdivision to be constructed with the Steeplechase Section 2.


3.         Regular Agenda


   3.1       Public hearing, discussion and possible action on rezoning of 8.72 acres from R-1 Single Family to R-5 Apartment/Medium Density, located approximately 300’ from the intersection of 2818 and Holleman.  99-110


   3.2       Public hearing, discussion and possible action on rezoning of a .85 acre lot;  Lot1, Block 1, Tinsley Square, currently “The Clay Oven” restaurant from WPC Wolf Pen Creek to C-1 General Commercial (99-108), and public hearing, discussion and possible action on the rezoning of a .34 acre tract immediately south of the First United Methodist Church tract from WPC to C-1.  99-109


3.3        Presentation, discussion and possible action on the new City             Municipal Volunteer Program – Strategic Issue #10.


          3.4         Discussion and possible action on appointments to the College Station Business Development Corporation (a 4b Corporation).






Council Regular 4/8/99                                                                                 Page 3



4.         Hear Visitors

            At this time, the Mayor will open the floor to citizens wishing to address the     City Council on city related issues not scheduled on the agenda.  Please                  limit your presentation to three minutes.  The Council will receive the                     information, ask city staff to look into the matter, or place the matter on a                         future agenda for discussion.  (A recording is made of the meeting; please     give your name and address for the record).


5.         Adjourn


If litigation issues arise as to the posted subject matter of this Council Meeting an executive session will be held.

I certify that this agenda was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, 1101 Texas Avenue, College Station, Texas on April 1, 1999 at 5:00 p.m.






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City Manager George K. Noe                      City Secretary Connie Hooks

The building is wheelchair accessible.  Handicap parking spaces are available.  Any request for sign interpretive services must be made 48 hours before the meeting.  To make arrangements call (409) 764-3517 or (TDD) 1-800-735-2989.  Agendas posted on Internet Website and Cable Access Channel 19.